Going Medieval


As avid fans of Game of Thrones, we decided to create some epic dragon statement pieces. During the month of May, we will be adding our dragon cuff, which features two massive, detailed sterling silver dragon heads facing each other, as well as two different kinds of bold cufflinks. Our pendants, which are so incredibly detailed, will also be coming very soon to our store. It is one of our favourite pieces, and is really what MAVA STYLE is all about – high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and eclectic style. We are so excited for you guys to see them!

Leave us a comment if you have any other pieces you’d love for us to create! Also, don’t forget that we are currently offering FREE worldwide express shipping on all the items in store!

Noir Collection


We love switching it up from time to time and trying new things. A few years ago we put out a line of black gold jewelry and got a fabulous response. Now, we have experimented with silver as well, with stunning results.

Black jewelry can really change your look and add an element of chic style . Some of our animal items, such as our snake pendant (shown above) and panther cufflinks can seem so much more lifelike and even more detailed. What’s more, is they will stand out so much more against the sea of silver and white or yellow gold.

If you’re feeling adventurous or would like to change up your accessories, consider our Noir Collection of detailed, bold and unique pieces.

Planet Nine

The internet is abuzz this week with talk of astronomers potentially discovering a new Neptune-sized planet in our solar system. This came after noticing six known objects past Neptune orbiting in a peculiar cluster. It is said that the planet takes approximately 15 000 years to orbit around the sun!

It is amazing to think that while we are so advanced in terms of science and technology, we hadn’t yet found this Planet Nine in our very own solar system. It is a humbling reminder of how much there is yet to discover.

Here at MAVA STYLE, we are fascinated by the cosmos and decided to honor our closest neighbors with their very own pendants. We have created the astronomical symbols for our sun, moon and all the planets in the solar system. They will be available for purchase on the site this week.

And who knows, maybe we will soon have to create a new pendant for Planet Nine?


From left to right: Earth, the Sun and Jupiter

Some Thoughts

We’re already one month into 2016, with February just days away. Incredible how fast time flies when you’re having fun right? This blog post won’t really be about jewelry per se, but more about what’s been on my mind recently.

It’s tough remain inspired in a world where everyone is trying to come up with the next big thing. Especially now with social media, everything is so instantaneous and accessible, it can be pretty draining having to consistently come up with fresh content and stay up to date. I do think Instagram is an amazing tool to fill up on inspiration and what’s really great is that instant gratification you receive from followers. You know right away if people are feeling you or not, and that helps to shape your business accordingly.

However, it’s easy to also feel overwhelmed with all the imagery and products and ideas people are putting out there. It’s hard not to compare yourself when you see someone with a feed filled with impeccable images.  Depending on your mood, it can either leave you feeling defeated or it can be the fuel to up your game and to try and do it as good, if not better than the rest.

I think the number one thing to remember is to just keep doing whatever it is you’re doing so long as it feels right. You may not have an expensive photographer or social media manager constantly updating your feed with stunning photographs, but if you have the right products, people won’t care about that stuff – they’ll like you regardless. Personally if I see a beautiful feed, I will like the picture, but if I’m not into what they’re selling, no amount of beautiful photography will change my mind.

Though we’ve updated our site and look throughout the years, MAVA STYLE is a brand that has remained consistent and true to itself despite the current trends. We were making skull and animal jewelry before it was trendy and we will continue to create pieces that we personally love, regardless of what is popular. We’re truly lucky because we make stuff that people from all around the world have responded to very positively. We truly love what we do and hope to do so for many many more years to come.

I think this year is all about being and staying inspired and remaining open to new ideas and possibilities. We want to remain true to our brand and our style, while implementing some fresh new designs for both men and women. We’re so excited about what this new year has to offer and we will keep you posted on what’s coming up for us this year.

Thanks for reading!


Angel Wings


Many of our jewelry pieces have some sort of story behind them. We’ve decided in this new year to share some of the stories, in order for you to feel as connected as we are to the pieces and to get to know them a little better.

As I’m writing this, I’m looking out onto the white landscape of lush fluffy snow, just aching to be played in by children. When I was a kid, probably one of my favorite winter activities was making snow angels; I just couldn’t get enough! In my eyes they were so beautiful even though they were so simple to make.

Angels fascinate a lot of people. You hear stories all the time about guardian angels and miraculous things happening. I think whatever brings hope and joy to others can never be a bad thing, whether it is tangible or not.

This pendant was made for a client of ours who had lost their sister a few years back. Her sister had always been fascinated by angels and mythology and so we thought the perfect way to pay hommage to her was with two simple angel wings. It comes back to the beauty of those snow angels – sometimes simple is best.

We designed the wings like two little charms, allowing them to move as you do. Our client expressed to us how thankful she was for our help in commemorating her sister and feels now like she is always nearby. We were truly honoured to have helped her out in our own way.


Why Not Animal?


“Why animals?” people have asked us. Why not? Think of this: What better way to commemorate your beloved pet than by having them on a pair of shiny cufflinks? What about our Hulking Bear bracelet that can remind you of your sheer power and perseverance in the face of an obstacle? Why not have that Roaring Lion pendant on your chest, bringing back memories of your African safari? Even it’s just because they look so cool with your outfit – why not?

We know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In this case, it’s not everyone’s MAVA Style. But take a closer look. These animals are part of our world too. They are the guardians of the wild, companions in film and television, loyal pets who have become family. web speed Animals are cohabitants on this planet we call home and we must honor them as best we can.

People will always notice what you have on, and that’s where the conversation starts. A beautiful piece of jewelry can open the doors to new relationships and friendships, all simply because you decided to wear your heart on your sleeve that day – and that’s a magical thing.

It’s been said time and time again – you are what you wear. You have the power and the choice to be whoever you want that day. whois tld . Whether is with a bold statement piece or a delicate ring, our animal jewelry complements your mood and style. So whenever someone asks, “Why animals?”, you can proudly say to them, “Why not?”

Have a MAVALOUS New Years


The countdown begins! Less than 24 hours for a clean slate – 365 unwritten pages. We begin a fresh year with the promise of change, renewal, growth. What we want to know is – how was your year spent?

Here at MAVA STYLE, we have had the privilege and pleasure of having an incredible year. It wasn’t just about business, but about forging lasting relationships with our customers. This year has been amazing because of your loyalty and appreciation.

As many of our clients can attest, our quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail is most important to us. We have worked countless hours to come up with creative and daring pieces of jewelry to show the world that we have something special and unique to offer. We are still here today because our clientele believe that what we do is out of the ordinary!

Whether it was a pendant for your fiancé, a bracelet for your son or if it was just a self-splurge, a little gift to spice up your wardrobe, we thank you for choosing us in 2015, and hope that you wear our pieces with pride. May they accompany you through all those important moments in your life!

From the team at MAVA STYLE to you, have a MAVALOUS New Years. We look forward to what this new year has to offer, and we hope to have you along for the journey too!

The New Year Ring


New Year’s is right around the corner. The Christmas rush is over and you’ve finally got the gifts out of the way. Now you’ve got resolutions and goals to think about.  With each new year comes added pressure, pressure to give up certain things, pressure to become a better person – you know the drill.

You’ve got to do something different. “Same old” isn’t cutting it.

Rings have been symbols for companionship, love, promise, friendship for thousands of years. Sports teams gets rings when they become champions. Graduates get rings to commemorate their achievement. What about a ring to represent you? At MAVA STYLE, we offer such a wide variety of styles that is sure to represent what you’re about and what you would like to accomplish.

We think its important to remind yourself of what you want out of life, and a ring is the perfect way to do it. How many times a day do you look at your fingers- whether it be consciously or unconsciously? The answer to that is ALOT. Now imagine a ring that symbolizes something very near and dear to your heart. It can fuel the fire that keeps you going, keeps you working hard to achieve your goals, or just to put a smile on your face. We truly believe that it has immense power, more than some people realize.

What inspires you? Chose the color. Chose the style. From a ring with your bolded initials, to the fierce lion that brings out your wild side, to the religious emblem that brings peace and clarity; choose a ring that when you look at it, feel it, wear it, you get brought back to that goal. Wear your resolutions on your finger, so you never forget what you want to accomplish.


Holiday Pendant


‘Tis the season for dressing up and looking your absolute best. You’ve finally found the right outfit but it seems to be missing something. The shoes are perfect. hosting information . The colors match. what is a proxy server But, what can you do to add the holiday charm?

The pendant is a classic accessory to bring in some flare. Whether you love a chunky bold piece or a dainty and delicate charm, it has to be the right design, the right size and the right shape, or it’ll throw the whole outfit off.

Gold and silver can be styled any which way. Do you like a more classic look? Try wearing an antique finish silver pendant. Shiny gold catches the eye beautifully. Take our Celtic Horse pendant for example, it is perfect for the holidays. Its shape is classic and undoubtedly eye catching but the beautiful detailing is what sets you apart from others.

However you decide to accessorize this holiday season, remember that you must always stay true to yourself. You don’t need to follow the trends to express yourself and stand apart from the crowd. Be yourself!

Up your game with cufflinks


Accessorizing with cufflinks has mainly been associated with men’s formal evening wear – the tuxedo. However, the modern man of the 21st century is bringing the cufflink back. It takes a man of great sophistication, class and style to pull of the cufflink – and these men know the value it can add to the entire look.

Historically, the cufflink has been worn by men of privilege and wealth, and only those who could afford it could adorn themselves in gold and silver. owner of domain name . Nowadays, it is accessible to the general population, no matter your wealth or status. They have become another way to express your individuality. Anyone from a businessman looking to spruce up his everyday look to a man dressing up for a night on the town can use cufflinks to their advantage.

Like all jewelry, cufflinks are an extension of the wearer’s personality. It allows the wearer to show off without even saying a word. Whether you love the look of our classic coin replica cufflinks or our badass skulls cufflinks, we have something for any occasion and any personality.