Planet Nine

The internet is abuzz this week with talk of astronomers potentially discovering a new Neptune-sized planet in our solar system. This came after noticing six known objects past Neptune orbiting in a peculiar cluster. It is said that the planet takes approximately 15 000 years to orbit around the sun!

It is amazing to think that while we are so advanced in terms of science and technology, we hadn’t yet found¬†this Planet Nine in our very own solar system. It is a humbling reminder of how much there is yet to discover.

Here at MAVA STYLE, we are fascinated by the cosmos and decided to honor our closest neighbors with their very own pendants. We have created the astronomical symbols for our sun, moon and all the planets in the solar system. They will be available for purchase on the site this week.

And who knows, maybe we will soon have to create a new pendant for Planet Nine?


From left to right: Earth, the Sun and Jupiter

by Ashley

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